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● What is VOIM English?
"VOIM English" is the specialized education service for English conversation they can see and converse directly with the native speakers in abroad through the use of computer & internet.

● What is the best way of learning English fluently and proficiently?
To build confidence to speak up in English is to be exposed with native speakers and talk to them, but to do so it costs a lot of money to pay for living in abroad and the studying in an Institute. Its also a waste of time and very expensive to go abroad just to study English.

● "VOIM English" will give the answer !
Because students speak with native teachers in abroad by using Internet, the students can have the confidence in having a conversation with a foreigner, it will remove the fear of facing an English speaker with the least cost and the most convenient way.

● Anywhere Anytime conveniently!
It is not necessary to go abroad any more. The students can see a native speaker through the "VOIM" any time they want and wherever they want, like home or office

● Strong points of "VOIM English"
-Getting familiar with English conversation naturally! The shortcut of learning a second foreign language is accustomed to the language. "VOIM English" is the practical program that can help a student to learn English through direct conversation with native speakers.

-Maximizing the effect of learning English with an intensive course. Students were getting familiar with English easily, because a teacher has just a small number of student like 1:1,1:2,1:3 in a class they become a private tutor and a friend as well.

-Learning english at home in a convenient time. Spending time efficiently, because students can learn through the high speed internet anytime they want although they are busy.

-Anyone can learn with low cost of the lecture fee. Other video English of once a week or phone English of a class for just 5 to 10 minutes, with high cost can't ever improve English conversation. Now, You can study English with "VOIM English" which gives wide choice.

● Our proposal to apply for your business.
We have the most suitable solution for real-time two-ways e-learning education That we call "VOIM E-learning solution". It doesn't mean that only we have s/w or programs for e-learning service. It means that we have all parts of solution like s/w, management tools, teachers, and learning program(contents) etc.

As a result, we can supply total solution for real-time e-learning service for our customers even if they don't have anything to service. If you have a plan to service e-learning English education in non-speaking countries like Chinese, Japanese, or other countries, we will supply total solution, which can apply in the shortest time instead of supplying s/w for it or structuring the system.

And it means also that you can start your education business immediately using our native teachers and our solutions. Besides if you want to be a part of our total solution, we can supply of it. Using our total solution, you can start your language education business immediately without spending your time and money to prepare for it.

● Client PC system requirements

Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirement
More than Pentium III 500MHz CPU,
and 128MB RAM
- OS : Higher version than Windows
98 SE
More than Pentium III 1GHz CPU, and
- OS : Windows 2000, Windows XP

•Sound Card : full duplex ways
•DirectX Version : more than version 8.0x
•Network : more than 128Kbps (download & upload each speed)
•USB PC Camera (you can use camcorder instead of USB PC Camera if you have capture board in your computer)