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│ Features │

"VOIM" is an integrated brand name representing a next generation convergence multimedia communication service tool, which includes the General video- communication use "VOIM" that will eventually replaces the conventional voice call market, and the other 8-category content services catering those in e-learning ,entertainments, military, and remote video home care etc.
With "VOIM", customers can have a video phone conversation or video conference up to 10 persons simultaneously anywhere, in and out of the country at an incredibly low monthly payments and no hustle payment in maintaining it.
"VOIM" customers are family members, friends, associations, educational organizations, business companies, emigrants in foreign countries, students overseas, businessmen overseas and various other individuals and organizations in domestic and around the world.

│ What is "VOIM"? │

"VOIM" offers many various functions (such as one on one multifunction video phone, group video conferences, sharing of documents & web browser in internet, video mails, VoIP(Web to phone ways of internet phone), SMS(Short Message Service), remote video home care service, and e-learning service which can thousands of subscribers get access and observe the on-going video conference "VOIM" is easy to handle with a regular personal computer and it also supports VPN & firewall.

│ Advantages of "VOIM" │

"VOIM" service can be utilized by anyone(even computer beginners, senior citizens and housewives). They can enjoy and use it easily without any training. For professional users, "VOIM" offers a large variety of functions and services, including remote-controlled video conference.

│ Strong points of "VOIM" │

•Limitless use of video-phone and video-conference (for a set amount of monthly charge)
•A convenient arrangement where all types of functions are performed with only "VOIM"
•It is so simple to operate that even a `net-illiterate' can do it easily because it can manage the problem of the customer, by using remote and the remote can manipulate the computer of the customer to solve the given problem.
•"VOIM" can be use in firewall, VPN and all network circumstances.
•Sound quality is as clear as any ordinary telephone.

│ Technical Features │

1) QoS Management for Stable Video Transfer:
-Other solutions normally use fixed frame rate, which can cause malfunctioning of computers and network, but "VOIM" solution use Automatic variable (dynamic) video frame rate.
- In very fast network environment like VDSL, possible to transfer up to 30 frames per second same as TV quality.

2) Firewall and Virtual Private IP Support:
- In the firewall, you can use this solution with outside users by opening just out-bound ports not in-bound ports. To open out-bound ports doesn't have any effect about your security system.

3) Multi-Voice mixing up to 10 participants:
- Other solutions normally support from 3 to 6 persons but "VOIM" can talk with each other up to 10 participants simultaneously in a video-conference room.

4) Scalability:
- Because of "VOIM" consists of 3-Tier structure (Presentation, Business Logic, Data tier), it can maximize system scalability and easy to control huge transactions.

5) Diverse Data Collaboration Functions:
- Sharing full size PC camera snapshot, PowerPoint slides, image files, desktop screen, web browser and file transfer. And you can also edit these data on screen.

6) PC Remote-Control:
- You can share and handle anything in your or your partner's desktop by this PC remote-control feature.

7) Streaming-based Video-Mail, not file attachment method:
- The mailbox contains only text and URL information of video file, so the video size doesn't affect the mailbox size.

8) Observer Mode Up to 3000 people:
- You can watch and listen to the proceedings of the conference room, and the host can change you to interactive mode when there is a empty space.

│ Specification │

1) Server

Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirement
More than Pentium III 1GHz, and
512 MB RAM
- OS : Windows 2000 Server
Xeon DP 2.8GHz with 533 FSB / 512
KB L2/ 256MB x2
- OS : Windows 2000 Server

2) Clients
Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirement
More than Pentium III 500MHz CPU,
and 128MB RAM
- OS : Higher version than Windows 98 SE
More than Pentium III 1GHz CPU, and
- OS : Windows 2000, Windows XP

•Sound Card : full duplex ways
•DirectX Version : more than version 8.0x
•Network : more than 128Kbps (download & upload each speed)
•USB PC Camera (you can use camcorder instead of USB PC Camera if you have capture board in your computer)